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The Lighter Side of Large

The Lighter Side of Large - Becky Siame Summer read:Interesting read with some points hitting home for myself personally as a fat woman. Had to convert the kgs to pounds to understand how much she weighs. Tackles the taboo subject of weight discrimination and the desire of people to be seen for who they are instead of what they look like. Good job. But at the same time: people see what you present to them and if you're dressing like a slob, then they'll see a slob. Even if you're overweight/obese, if you're dressed well and take care with your appearance, people are going to see a person who gives a damn about how they're presenting themselves to society. This is why people choose a different way of dressing, or doing their hair, or how they do their make up. Why we have so many styles of people expressing themselves from rainbow colored hair to goth to prep to sporty to grunge. Fantasy aspect of rich, good looking guy who loves her just the way she is. A guy could yes, but then you make him a super rich dude who hangs out with a pretentious set he can't stand for business reasons? I think I would've been happier with a normal guy, with a normal job, who can see beyond the layers of fat. Still, I understand this would sell better. Also touches base with weightloss surgery (with severe complications!) and then her visit to a plastic surgeon. I hope people pay attention to that visit with the surgeon. They make money off of you; they are going to tell you EVERYTHING on your body that could be "improved." Things you were happy about or didn't think about, they will make you doubt yourself so they can make more money. I'm liked the overall message: to the fat women - learn to love yourself, accept your flaws, and your attitude can help you change. If you're unhealthy, diet and exercise to change your lifestyle. Losing weight is a journey, not an overnight solution. And as you get smaller, you have to accept that you are no longer that big person either and it's a mental journey, too!