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Deep in the Darkness

Deep in the Darkness - Michael Laimo I couldn't finish reading this book. It is not because it is not well written...in fact, quite the opposite. My family and I are going to be moving to a remote, small town in New Hampshire, and I just could NOT finish reading this book after the first few chapters of the awful (in the sense that it fills you with such foreboding) beginning. I was seriously creeped out and just could not bring myself to finish reading the book. So I know NOTHING about what is going on in this book. When we were considering Maine, I read Ketchum's "Off Season" and that creeped me out some, too. I should really learn to stay away from the horror novels. If I could judge this book by the first few chapters, I would recommend it. I was creeped out in the first few chapters. I'll read it in full when I'm in a warm tropical isle and not looking at coming back home for at least a week. LOL