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Justice - Jennifer Harlow Review to come. Book tour. LOVED IT. Cannot wait for book 2!

In all honesty, I can't sum it up better than the blurb. I was so excited to see the invite to the tour and even more excited to land it. You see...I love super heroes. I love them flawed, I love them gritty, I love them shining and perfect. I love a tough cookie heroine who shows signs of vulnerability and yet musters on. This book did not disappoint me. Entertaining, sweet, action-filled, and wonderful from the dedication: Dedicated to anyone who saw injustice and had the strength to say, “Not on my watch.” to the very last page, which is not a cliffhanger ending, and yet you want more. If asked what I thought at the very end of the book, I would answer you, "Mmm. MORE!"

For anyone who has ever been in love with their best friend, you sympathize with Joanna. You do, despite some of the pettiness. You don't just sympathize, you empathize. Happy your best friend is happy, annoyed at the love of his/her life that should've been you. Through a few chapters, you see the lovely messiness of human emotions, the entanglements we weave for ourselves, the love we close ourselves off to without even realizing it, and then the pain that tears us open, able to hold even more love.

But this isn't a romance; it just has some romance in it. This is a super-hero book. Okay, technically a super vigilante, at least according to Jo. But if superheros are sworn in as deputies, then they're no longer vigilantes, right?!

The secret identity is not so secret and quite obvious from the first few pages, the first SCENE really where you see a couple glance at one another. I found it obvious. And I found a certain someone's completely obliviousness funny.

Vividly written, I could practically see this novel unfold in my head like a wonderful comic. A graphic novel version would be amazing, however, I'd really like books two and three in the Galilee Falls trilogy first! I snorted at some parts, teared up at others, nodded along, cheered when the character did what I wanted her to do, and was happy that they were prepared for the inevitable.

There are well-placed hints and yes, you could call some of the plot predictable. For me, it in no way damaged my enjoyment. I kept reading and loved it.